Our Sustainability Initiatives



New Zealand's South Island: "A pristine wilderness" "Great outdoors that is wilderness without being too wild" "A beautiful destination that is unspoiled."



Probably nowhere is this stewardship more evident than in Golden Bay which is almost as pristine a destination as you can get without actually travelling into the wilderness.

Over the last three decades people from all over the world have moved to Golden Bay for that very reason - our local polling booth has the highest proportion of Green Party supporters of anywhere in New Zealand!

Whilst all this is true, it brings with it a responsibility as a tourism operator to protect the very environment that people often travel half way round the world to see.

We aim to do this whilst still providing a five-star experience for our guests.  With this in mind we have taken the following initiatives:


Nature Conservation


Reduction of Impact on the Environment - Energy Conservation


Reduction of Impact on the Environment - Waste Reduction


Community Support


New Initiatives