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Book Direct Discount

To receive the direct booking discount of 10%, click on the green box at the top of the page and enter the code "direct10".  The discounted rates will then be displayed.


*If your stay is between 17th March - 23rd October, please read the important Covid-19 information here


Booking Notes:

 Seasonal Discounts

     Peak Season: (23rd December to 31st March ).

     Shoulder Season:  A graduated additional discount of 5 to 35% applies between our peak and low seasons,

     Low Season: (25th May and 31st August)   Approximately 50% discount on the villa rate. One night stays in our low season are priced at our shoulder season rate (NZ$50 more  than the posted price for the 2 night minimum stay price) please contact us if you can only stay 1 night to arrange this.

Minimum Stay

Booking Restrictions