Golden Bay Reserves and Natural Wonders


In this hidden corner of New Zealand, Golden Bay is home to several famous attractions, including New Zealand's largest freshwater springs and the southern hemisphere's deepest cave...



Pupu Springs (Waikoropupu Springs)

  • The largest freshwater springs in New Zealand.
  • The world's clearest freshwater.
  • An underwater observation window offers spectacular viewing of the incredibly clear waters and brightly coloured plant life.
  • You will pass the side road to Pupu Springs on your way from Takaka to our accommodation.
  • A short walk leads to the springs and is 40 minutes well spent!
  • Again the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) website has a brief description of this and other Short Takaka Walks



  • Golden Bay has many other fascinating natural wonders including several limestone caves which can be toured offering some beautiful, magical settings.
  • One cave is the deepest in the southern hemisphere, a second has the biggest single drop in the southern hemisphere and still another is where bones from the extinct Moa can be found.